Smasung Vibrant Case, screen protector, charger unboxing

let me know if you guys want me to do a giveaway on the charger

Samsung LCD / Plasma TV Capacitor Repair Kit, Replacement Parts

You’ve probably done some research to know that the leading cause of LCD and Plasma TV failure is the capacitors on the power or inverter board. This can be fixed very easy. There’s not a lot of special skill or tools required to change capacitors in a TV. Replacing the capacitors can fix your TV which could last you several more years.

If your TV has the following symptoms you should consider replacing the capacitors.
? No picture but sound and power LED is on
? Picture disappears after start-up
? Screen Flickering
? Slow start-up
? Relay clicking noise

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  1. Cool video, I got the glove cover. I also got the screen protector from T Mobil and it doesn’t cover the bottom half of the screen from the Samsung logo down??? The phone is great. Question, did you make a video on how to speed up the processor? Seems that you did but I can’t find it now. Thanks!

  2. All Samsung Galaxy S phones use Gorilla Glass. screen protectors are a thing of the past and they make your AMOLED display look like crap. Search for the tests done on gorilla glass right here on youtube, you will be in shock on how much it can take.. even if you do find super clear screen protectors you will be changing them out at least once every few days since they will scratch up since they are just soft plastic. And of yeah people will still say you need them, to sell them and make money..

  3. yea i have the black one from tmobile and i like the perfect out- dentitions (word?…lol),,,thanks for watch and yea ima go ahead and giveaway the charger so stay tuned for that

  4. Just wanted to let you know that your unboxing video of the vibrant was what put the icing on the cake for me to buy mine, and I love it!! I also love your videos keep up the great work, car charger giveaway sign me

  5. I have a a similar case but from T-Mobile. It has a perfect out-dentitions (word?) for the volume and power keys and looks to fit a little more snug. Great too the point vid as usual tho.

    What was the widgets you were using near the bottom of your home screen?

    BTW: Vote +1 for car charger give away. I have about 20 for HTC’s and Motorola’s but none for my Vibrant.

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